Why GlobServ

Many reasons that encourage customers to partnering with GlobServ : The mission of GlobServ is to serve the competitiveness of the businesses by offering solutions to develop and operate their information systems. The objectives of GlobServ are based on a policy of long-term collaboration with its partners. GlobServ activities are organized on customer alliance relationship strategy:

  • Customer Relationship before and after implementation

  • Total Quality through all phases of projects' execution

  • Technology survey (attention, interest to new technologies in the Telecoms field)

GlobServ is organized to respond accurately and quickly to the needs of its customers capitalizing on quick win and long term solutions. Through close collaboration, GlobServ acquires a very good knowledge of the customer's environment and its needs, which allows Globserv to make realistic proposals and Quick-win offers where appropriate. When hiring new employees, GlobServ applied a very “selective” criteria that filters the right criteria for truly customer oriented and professional staff. GlobServ applies methods for coaching and supervision of its employees that are unique on the market.