Open Source

Our offers use the latest technology available in the open source world. It can be built entirely on free components or supplemented by commercial products. Our partnerships with editors and our active collaboration with the open source community make it easy for the integration.

Our Expertise Centers in Morocco and Egypt guarantee you the best choice for every software component. Quality and productivity are ensured by a developed process based on tools covering all phases of the project: functional and technical specifications, development, unit testing, continuous integration, and scalability test, functional and technical acceptance. Ensuring ad-hoc, customized and low cost solutions, Tat is the mission of our expert unit which ensures that the components developed are reusable. Meanwhile, the expert unit leads a technology survey.

Our expertise:

  • Linux: by capitalizing on our achievements, we have mastered the major distribution of free Unix: Redhat, Mandrake, Debian, Fedora, Suse and Ubuntu recently.

  • J2EE: is the main component of our Expertise Centers. Our expertise covers applications servers such JBoss, Jonas and Servlet / JSP containers, Apache Tomcat and Jetty. Our projects are based on MVC2 model implemented by Struts and MyFaces or often use a Hibernate persistence layer. Meanwhile, the Centre of Expertise evaluates and tests the latest developments in the Java world.

  • PHP: Implementation of major projects entirely in LAMP environment (Linux Apache MySQL PHP), in the domain of web sites and applications.

  • Directories: OpenLDAP implementation, which became the reference open source directories.

  • Databases: strong expertise in the design and configuration in terms of disk space and load distribution on the major databases with open source components like C-JDBC (Clustered JDBC). MySQL and PostgreSQL are the most used in our projects.