Business Intelligence

Constant competitive pressure, the on-going search for higher productivity, rapidly-changing market demands... enterprises and decision-makers need information that is both detailed and comprehensive, for greater visibility. By breaking down the barriers between Business Intelligence systems with innovative tools and methodologies, GlobServ helps your enterprise centralize and rationalize data to create unique decision-making capability. GlobServ is offering:

  • The ability to define and implement an entire Business Intelligence system, from strategic project management to infrastructure.

  • Business and function-led approach, capitalizing on GlobServ consultants' wide experience.

  • Recognized expertise in managing complex, large-scale projects, along with a unique methodology for implementing unified BI systems.

  • Comprehensive services, delivered by dedicated teams.

  • Leading-edge technical expertise in BI infrastructures and IT security.

  • Technology partnerships with market-leading solution providers.

  • Software support services to ensure the smooth running of BI solutions.

  • Change management expertise for successful project implementation.

  • Proven track record, with many customers entrusting their BI requirements to GlobServ.