Databases Management

The databases are present in 95% of modern applications. Whatever their technology (relational, object, XML, etc), Databases ensure the persistence of the data handled by applications; they must be efficient to ensure optimal and secure access to data to prevent loss.
The company data are valued. Today, the portfolios of applications and critical databases in companies cause critical awareness towards the safety and the quality of the service.

The mission of GlobServ covers:

  • Definition of migration strategies.

  • Definition, classification and validation of Technical Architecture scenarios.

  • Economical Qualification of your architecture.

  • Definition and development team support, integration, training and acceptance.

  • Definition and designing of ORACLE DBMS.

  • Participation in code reviews.

  • Enrichment of programmatic models.

  • Support to the study, industrialization and the implementation of advanced Oracle.

  • Optimization of the code.

  • Definition and implementation of operational and day-to-day procedures.

  • Handling the issues of administration and operation.

  • Support to the implementation of technical specifications.

  • Enrichment of standards and recommendations.

  • Competence Increasing of project support teams.

  • Unit, integration and acceptance Testing.

  • Development support.

  • Definition and support of pre-production and production plate-forms.

  • Handling security issues and policies.

And also of high value-added services:

  • Engineering of the business Disaster Recovery and business continuity plan (Dataguard, stand by DB,etc).

  • High Performance, High Availability (RAC, HACMP,etc).

  • Data security, backups (hot, cold, RMAN,).