Meet our people

Nadia, Communication & Marketing Manager, GlobServ France

"Graduated from the Business Management, I held various positions in the events, the communication, and also in the media management. After joining GlobServ in July 2012, I was seduced not only by the motivation and the professionalism of the team, but also by their collaborations with prestigious customers and partners. This company has increased its gross sales even in the context of economic crisis. This clearly gave me an indication of the efficiency of its consultants. GlobServ continues its fast development with global integration projects, which I am proud to be in charge of both the communication and the business development.

My first mission was to develop a communication strategy for the year 2013 as well as its operational deployment. I am also involved in the support and the advice to communication designers with whom I collaborated on various subjects from the technical and the editorial sides (models, topics, style, visual, editorials, etc.). Communication is an interactive profession with different actors (Graphic designer, webmaster, management ...) In addition, it is an essential lever for Business Development.

My second mission is the commercial development on the national and international levels. This requires a thorough knowledge of our business context and the responsiveness to detect the "right" opportunity.

Due to the development of our export activities and our presence in Egypt, we must manage the English translations of all our marketing materials and communications. It is with great pleasure that I work every day to develop this business.

GlobServ and I is a story that begins and not ready to stop."

Bilel, Telecom Consultant, GlobServ Egypt

"Before joining GlobServ, I worked for telecom operators in Tunisia, my homeland. However, after a few years I realized that my experience has been stagnated. It is mainly because of the monotony and the nature of the projects I was assigned to.

In early 2010, I was contacted by GlobServ to join the team in Egypt. The challenge seemed very interesting to me; though I had some worries about Egypt as unknown country for me.

I finally decided to join the GlobServ team in early 2010 as "BSCS Consultant" in Mobinil; a subsidiary of the Orange Group in Egypt.

Over the weeks, my relationships with my colleagues are really friendly. This was achieved due to the ambiance, the human, and the social attitudes inside the company.

With GlobServ Egypt, I am rich both culturally and professionally every day. In addition, experience with Mobinil allows me to expand my professional skills rapidly due to the broad responsibilities I am gaining, and the variety and richness of the projects assigned to me."

Yassmine, Office Assistant, GlobServ Egypt

"I have worked at GlobServ since more than one year. What I like best about this company is the corporate culture of the company. I have a lot of freedom to set my goals and work towards them. Ideas are always welcomed and innovation is encouraged all the time.

The working environment is very flexible, with much consideration for the employees' professional and the personal needs. GlobServ focuses on the employees' overall growth along with their professional performance.

I am very proud to be a member of this family."