Our HR Policy

Our company HR policies formalize our values and convictions, inform HR practices around the world and have enabled us to put in place a "Career Agreement" for all employees. They form the basis of our HR practices, and are reflected in the introduction of the "Career Agreement" for all our employees.


When you join us, you will begin by getting to know your team and your entity, and also start to discover the rest of the company.
You will be introduced by your manager to your local entity, your team and those you work with closely. The manager will also introduce you to your "mentor", a staff member working in the same area who has no hierarchical link to you.

Subsequently, you will enhance your knowledge of the company through team-building tools and events: internal meetings and conventions, our employee intranet, internal awards, etc.

Career development and training

At the heart of the "Career Agreement" are your career development, and our contribution to making your career a success. Career management is an important challenge, with responsibility shared by all concerned parties: yourself, your manager and our HR teams.
Our collective performance depends on our ability to develop the individual skills of our employees. The appraisal process stresses personal development and sets performance targets. An interview with your manager enables an overall assessment of your activity, and an appraisal of your performance against the yardstick of the targets set. The interview is backed up by a discussion about your plans and your career development motivations, looking forward three years from your current position. Together with your manager and your HR manager, you reflect on, imagine and construct the next stage of your career, maintaining a momentum which is positive for both employee and company. 

Our goal is to provide you with everything you need for a fulfilling career in our company. With this in mind, we are developing a proactive training policy. For the various business lines, inside and outside France, our HR teams have designed training programs to meet the dual need for increasing skills and individual career progress.

Given that managerial expertise is one of the key factors driving the Company's innovation and entrepreneurial dynamism, we are also investing in management training . Depending on your level (senior executives, strategic managers, operational manager), you are encouraged to develop your skills both in terms of personal effectiveness (self-assertiveness, decision-making, leadership) and collective effectiveness (managing, motivating, ensuring a successful outcome). Managerial training is organized around skills that are essential for the company: customer focus and results, preparing for the future (strategic vision, managing change, personal development) and cross-functionality.

Functional and geographic mobility

In our company, diversity also applies to professions and regions: we operate in many business lines across many geographic regions. We provide you with ample opportunities to develop your career and your skills, according to your aspirations. Your development may take the form of increased responsibilities and expertise in your original profession, if value is to be built up in the long term. You can also move towards another profession and thus change your professional horizons. Functional mobility forms an integral part of our "Career Agreement", to ensure both the development of our company and the professional development of our employees.

International mobility is available to all men and women who want to enrich their professional experience by living in another country, while remaining with the Group. We are convinced that exercising one's profession in a foreign country is a natural stage of career development for those who wish to do so. Geographical mobility enables the mobilisation of the potential that we need at the right time and place, while putting employees into contact with new environments which they will find enriching both professionally and personally. It also contributes to strengthening the sense of belonging of our local teams. Employees who exercise their skills outside their home country thus become ambassadors for the Group's culture and values.