Energy & Utilities


Smart energy benefits consumers, energy suppliers and the environment. For the consumer, it is about having better information. Once you see how much it costs to boil a kettle of water, it suddenly gets easier to measure out only the mugful that you need. And when you realise exactly how much that extra freezer in the garage is costing you, you may decide you don?t need it after all. Smart metering allows you to reduce not only cost but also your ?carbon footprint?, something consumers are increasingly aware of.

For energy retailers, these benefits to the consumer mean improved customer relationships and retention, better offers, and more efficient operations. The smart energy approach also allows energy companies to modernise grids and their management, and decrease the need for future power plants and infrastructure.

While saving consumers and organisations money, smart energy approaches help the environment by reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Services include:

  • Business case development, customer propositions and deployment planning

  • Deploying smart meters to residential and small commercial customers

  • Building the enabling communications infrastructure

  • Developing and testing time-of use billing, and integrating it into existing business processes

We manage, and often execute, all necessary technological work including design, meter and network installation, and integration of new and existing systems.