Infrastructure Management

Information systems are the backbone of telecom operators: platforms for billing, rating, ... Familiar with the expectations of telecom operators, the main success key of GlobServ is the mastering of technologies to support the business growth of our customers by ensuring the scalability, reliability and especially security. GlobServ is the partner of software solutions leader providers, and ensures hence, complete solutions covering:

  • Database management

  • Replication solutions

  • Applications monitoring

  • High availability

  • Cloud computing

Database management

The databases are present in 95% of modern applications. Whatever their technology (relational, object, XML, etc), Databases ensure the persistence of the data handled by applications; they must be efficient to ensure optimal and secure access to data to prevent loss. The company data are valued. Today, the portfolios of applications and critical databases in companies cause critical awareness towards the safety and the quality of the service.

Replication solutions

GlobServ has completed successfully many implementations of replication solution for large compagnies (in telcom and banking). With this wide experience, GlobServ developed a solid expertise and know-how on SharePlex combined with expertise in Oracle to integrate its product safely for new customers and specially Telecom operators.

Applications monitoring

Engaging GlobServ Professional Services for your Performance Monitoring implementation project is simple and straightforward. The following Implementation Services are available:

  • Architecture Assessment: we review your APM implementation business objectives, define a solution architecture tailored to your needs, and create an implementation roadmap. We deliver to you an Architecture Specification Document that captures the proposed solution architecture and serves as an implementation blueprint and a guideline for APM adoption.

  • Deployment and Configuration we provide experienced consultants to work hand-in-hand with your team to deploy and configure the APM solution in your environment. A dedicated Project Manager provides planning, management and control of the implementation project while ensuring communication among all stakeholders

High availability

Information is one of your organization's main assets. Lack of availability of any critical IT resource can cripple your business processes, affecting not only revenue and productivity, but also relationships with your customers and business partners, and your organization's reputation. From strategic analysis to operational consulting, GlobServ's specialist security consultants work with you to identify and prioritize risks, define security governance and deploy the most appropriate HA security solutions for your particular business process needs:

  • Strategic planning and master plan

  • Specifications and ROI studies

  • Risk audits

  • Vulnerability testing

  • Dashboards and control

Cloud computing

GlobServ‘s cloud computing capabilities and offerings enables enterprises, telcos and ISV customers around the world to adopt cloud-based IT capabilities through strategic consulting, software and product development and deployment, as well as through systems management, integration and monitoring services:

  • Assessment of existing infrastructure

  • Address scalability, utilization and demand management

  • Runtime cost optimization such as energy, maintenance, support, tools, licenses, etc

  • Design of cloud IaaS / SaaS / PaaS infrastructure

  • Software and product development and deployment on cloud

  • Service Exposure Enablement

  • On-demand, self-provision automation, shared and fully virtualized compute, network and storage services

  • Security assessment and controls implementation with industry partnerships.

  • Enabled over IaaS foundation layer and offered via multiple partnerships for Telco / enterprise customers