Payment services for banks

GlobServ offers a comprehensive set of offerings to help financial institutions develop new strategies, operating models and capabilities in the payment landscape. They include:

  • Core payments: Replacing legacy payment systems and operations enables the flexibility and efficiency needed in today’s constantly changing environment.

  • Card payments: Upgrading or migrating aging card platforms helps financial institutions shift to more agile operating models.

  • Transaction banking: Refreshing transaction banking strategies can drive revenue growth through improved products and services for financial institutions and corporate customers.

We provide our expertise in implementing payment solutions for banks:

  • Choice of solution and evaluation of effects related to installing the solution, preparation of a change management process and project manager training.

  • Project management as project owner: needs collection and formalisation, writing functional specifications, analysis of existing system as part of implementing a CRM solution.

  • Statement of needs for installing a client repository.

  • Development of a technical solution.