Key Differentiators

The main reasons that make us stand apart from others and why do our existing global customers continue to choose our services to satisfy their diverse and growing business needs and why are new customers choosing GlobServ to address their critical needs is:

  • Delivery Capability

We have hight delivery capability through our presence in three countries.

  • Customer Focus

The best business relationships are based on trust, and we at GlobServ practice a philosophy of doing the best for our customers. We are seen as knowledgeable mentors rather than as vendors by our customers.

  • Expertise and Involvement of the Management Team

Our founding management team is still in place and extremely involved in all aspects of the business including direct client interactions.
Our entire Senior Management team averages over 15+ years of directly relevant experience and attrition rates are minimal based on our highly entrepreneurial, client-focused culture. The impact is that we retain a highly dependable, motivated and expert management team who consistently deliver strong results.

  • Quicker than Others

Our talented team of project managers and integration engineers are quicker to embrace new technologies to keep pace with increasingly complex and dynamic requirements.

  • Learning Disseminations

We strongly believe in sharing knowledge with our customer about the benefits from the existing infrastructure or technology. Therefore, we don't just deliver services to customers. We also empower the customer teams to be independent of us – something no other company does as a mandatory practice.